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Marketing Materials for Bargain Hunting by Julz Nally

Did you know . . .

the next Bargain Hunting is exactly a month away? Well it is!

Bargain Hunting – August 26 – 12-5pm
Castaway – 1900 NW 18th, PDX
Unique*Collaborative*Indie Clearance Sale
Free Admission

We are so fortunate to have Julz Nally as an organizer and as our graphic designer.

When you come by the sale she’ll be the little red head with the enormous blue eyes.

See you at the Next Bargain Hunting!



Artist Spotlight – Kirsten Moore of Piper Ewan

Piper Ewan

1. What bargain are you most excited about selling at the next Bargain Hunting sale?
I am selling off some dead stock that I spent a good amount of time on, but I am moving on with a brand new line this fall. I may also have a few inspiration pieces from my vintage collection, and some odds and ends i have made over the years that need new homes. I am clearing out my former corset/bustier line before I debut my new one this fall. I am narrowing my focus on my accessories line as well, and one will find some amazing deals on feather pieces.

2.  What makes your business or products unique?
I suppose the thing that makes the things I make unique is that I make them.  They are made to my own peculiar interpretations of how I see the world and how they might be translated into something that can be worn instead of hanging on the wall in your home.  I would like to see more people dressing glamorously every day, not just to the rare special occasion. Life is a fancy occasion; dress the part.

3. If you could collaborate on a project or have collaborated on any project with anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be?
I have been super lucky to learn from a few masters in my time. I would have loved to have spent time in some of the couture houses in Paris, such as Vionnet, Dior or Lanvin.


Bargain Hunting Application Deadline!

Shopping Selling Mingling & Cocktails!


The Deadline to apply for the August 28th
Bargain Hunting is approaching quickly!


If you would like to participate in this sale
please submit your application by June 3rd.


Applications are available here: Bargain-Hunting-application-2011

Bargain Hunting is the perfect place for artists and boutiques to clear out inventory
and test out new designs.

Apply Today!



By: jen

The Crystal Ballroom & Lola’s: is where it’s at

We thought you might like to know a little more about the event spaces we use for Bargain Hunting.  The Crystal Ballroom boast gorgeous chandeliers,  vaulted ceilings and beautiful wall detailing referred to as “giant wallscapes.”

Lola’s room is considered the “little sister of the historic Crystal Ballroom” and is located one floor down from the Crystal Ballroom.  The ballroom is located on the third floor of the McMenamin’s property. A few awesome features to check out when you come are the brewery next to Lola’s room, full bars in both Lola’s and the Crystal Ballroom and the funky artwork on the walls.  We will have the game on in Lola’s so it’s possible to watch and shop at the same time!

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What you need to know:

Bargain Hunting

February 6th, 12-5pm

1332 West Burnside

in the Crystal Ballroom & Lola’s
All ages & admission is free

So come on by and shop awhile; have a cocktail or house-made beer.
Check out the game in Lola’s too while you’re here!

by: jen