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Marketing Materials for Bargain Hunting by Julz Nally

Did you know . . .

the next Bargain Hunting is exactly a month away? Well it is!

Bargain Hunting – August 26 – 12-5pm
Castaway – 1900 NW 18th, PDX
Unique*Collaborative*Indie Clearance Sale
Free Admission

We are so fortunate to have Julz Nally as an organizer and as our graphic designer.

When you come by the sale she’ll be the little red head with the enormous blue eyes.

See you at the Next Bargain Hunting!



New Bargain Hunting Application + Venue!

It’s that time again, for the next Bargain Hunting —>>>

Do you know about Bargain Hunting? It’s a mega clearance sale for artists and boutiques looking to liquidate inventory – located in Portland, Oregon.  We offer a bi-annual sale that’s a favorite for the price savvy shopper looking for unique products.

Next Bargain Hunting Sale - August 26th from 12-5pm.

We’re in a HOT NEW VENUE this time around, called Castaway.
Located at 1900 NW 18th Avenue, PDX, 97209 – near The Pearl District

We’re so excited to have a load-in ramp, and everyone selling together in one space!
No elevator, no stairs, 10,000 square feet of open space
in a restored refining warehouse from 1929!

If you’d like to be considered as a vendor for the next sale apply now.
This application will be available from May 2 – June 15, 2012.

*No applications will be accepted after June 15, 2012*


Bargain Hunting Application - August 26, 2012

Please fill out this form including answering each and every one of the questions.

You will receive a confirmation email to this address and all of correspondence for this sale will be sent to this address. Please double check that it's correct.
To upload a photo or copy and paste a link first click in the grey area below --> now the icons are usable. Choose either one of the computer looking icons on the far right on the top row of icons to upload an image. To add a link simply copy and paste it in.
*** Please note: currently all we have left are 4x4 spaces inside the venue.
After you hit 'submit' please stay on this page until you see that the application is refreshed. This may take up to 2 minutes, so stay here and don't worry. Thanks for applying!

Details about this sale —>>>

Acceptance and Wait listing: All applicants will receive either an acceptance or wait list email by June 15, 2012 to this juried sale. Payment of your booth fee will confirm your participation into Bargain Hunting. Once you have been accepted, we must receive your payment by June 29, 2012. If we do not receive your payment by June 29 2012, your space will be given to another vendor on our waiting list.  After July 6, 2012 no vendor booth fees will be refunded.
Marketing: If you would like posters or postcards please contact us. Please plan to help with online marketing. As we get closer to the next Bargain Hunting, we will pass along more marketing details.

Artist Spotlight with MOSS handmade

Moss is a collection of clothing, jewelry and cute little objects inspired by romantic ideas and sweet little grannies. Everything is lovingly made by hand. Just like your grandma would but we try very hard not to smell like musty old attics.

1.  What are you most excited about selling at the next Bargain Hunting? 
What’s the price?
MOSS will be offering last year’s designs for 50% off retail (some could be more!). I will also be bringing one of a kind items, designs that I worked on but never quite made it to the production line. Aaaaand I will also be showing off new spring items.
2. What inspired you and keeps you going creatively?
Any tips for staying on track when you’re in a creative slump?
I think being around other creative people and bouncing off ideas with each other helps a lot. I also keep a clip file of pictures, materials and ideas that I come across. Some of them I use right away, some I save for later. I get inspired a lot by materials and colors, so I like going to fabric stores, thrift shops, art supply stores, etc.
3. What fashion era do you love best and why?
Although, for my personal style, I adore the 30s and 50s but for jewelry, it would have to be the Victorian era. Just because of the sheer number of accessories men and women wore. And everything was so ornate and well made.

Artist Spotlight with Piper Ewan

Piper Ewan is a couture fashion design company that was started in 1998 by Kirsten A. Moore. Her focus is on traditional sewing techniques in modern style. All of her designs are drafted in pencil on paper, hand cut, sewn and finished using traditional couture finishing techniques with strict attention to detail. The flowers are made from pieces of ribbon or fabric, and hand sewn with a needle and thread. Piper’s designs are inspired by vintage fashions of the 1920′s – 1960′s with bits of Victorian, 1890′s Paris, Japanese street fashion, costumes, architecture, artifice, nature and human constructs, as well as the many artists and their art that surrounds her.
1.  What are you most excited about selling at the next Bargain Hunting?
What’s the price?
 I am most excited about finding new homes for the lonely samples and science experiments that are constantly accumulating in my studio. I have been going through a major transition, so I am really looking forward to clearing the slate, so I will be letting go of a lot of inspiration pieces, random vintage and pieces i’ve made over the last few years to make room for the new pieces I’ve been making and collecting. I am also liquidating feather pieces. I love feathers, but I am taking a new direction.
2. What inspired you and keeps you going creatively?  Any tips for staying on track when you’re in a creative slump?
I have been having fun with Pinterest making boards of beautiful vintage lingerie, dresses and costumes and all the other things that strike my fancy! http://pinterest.com/piperewan/ I have been doing this 1911 corset sew along http://piperewan.blogspot.com/2012/01/1911-corset-project.html that has been really fun to do and share and see what the other participants are making! In general, if I am feeling uninspired, I like to wander around and look at things. I also like to look at books. An afternoon at Powell’s does wonders for my creative soul.
3. What fashion era do you love best and why?
I love NOW! Truth be told, I take inspiration from so many fashion eras, and you will find elements of many different eras in my designs. That is why my designs have a vintage look, but no one seems to agree upon which era they represent. It is amusing to me to hear people argue over it in front of me. Truth be told, I often couldn’t say myself. So many design elements come in and out of style, and are made and remade in their own style over many different decades with each repetition bringing a new iteration unique to the time it is made.

Artist Spotlight with Amelia

Amelia is a line of clothing inspired by special objects and the memories those objects bring to mind. I like to imagine walking through a long lost aunt’s attic and discovering a great big trunk full of beautiful dresses. The dresses that were worn during first dates, best friend’s birthday parties, summer picnics, and once in a lifetime galas. They’re lovely, full of memories and nostalgia, and ready to be worn by you while you make your own treasured memories!

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I make dresses that are ready to make new stories and keep you looking smart while having new adventures.
1.  What are you most excited about selling at the next Bargain Hunting?
What’s the price?
I’m excited to find homes for the holiday dresses and even some late summer sundresses. I’ll be bringing both last season and some current season dresses just to free up some room in my studio. Everything will be 30-70% off. Seriously amazing discounts but limited sizing of some styles, so get there early!
2. What inspired you and keeps you going creatively?  Any tips for staying on track when you’re in a creative slump?
I’m inspired by fabrics and love to experiment with new designs and techniques, even if they don’t make it into my official line. I also love to get out into the world and look at real women’s style. There is a lot of creative style in Portland and I love seeing how people make their clothes their own in unexpected ways. Street style blogs are fun but nothing beats wandering around out there myself.
3. What fashion era do you love best and why?
 I love the fashion of the 1940-1960s. I know its a sizable window, but there were so many interesting things going on and I love the tension between feminine and masculine influences at the time. Although realistically almost every era has had some inspired moments. And some truly awful ones.