Summertime…and the living is easy

Hey Bargain Hunting PDX fans, vendors, friends!
Its the middle of summer. Who’s thinking about the end of September? Gosh, that seems like a long way off. I mean, August is going to happen, Labor Day will happen, the kids go back to school. Whew! I know many other things may happen between now and then (vacations, hikes, camping trips, the county fair, school shopping) and maybe, with all those goings-on, you wonder what we here at BH pdx are up to.

Let’s see….
Chris is writing and submitting 2-3 press releases every weekday. We found a graphic designer to work on our ads for print & web, postcards and posters to distribute to local stores, bars, coffee shops so we can get the word out. We want this BH pdx to be the biggest, brightest, best BH pdx yet. We’re reviewing applications, even though the deadline hasn’t passed yet, because we’re really, really excited to see what kind of work you will be selling at our only show of 2013.

All that said, we’d LoVe to see an app from you, your crafty friends & family.

Enjoy the warm weather. Eat a peach. Drink a mojito. Smell a flower. Isn’t that what summer is all about?


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